My doctor warned me to get a hip-replacement, stating if I fell and broke the hip, I would have screws fitted, which later could cause problems.


I wasn’t exactly happy with my knee-operation, so I elected to go to a hospital in Trier / Germany.


The operation was performed 28th of September 2001 and took 40 minutes. After a discussion with the doctor, we agreed to have only a local anaesthesia (a long needle into the spine). You feel no pain. You hear the saw cutting the bone, like in a sawmill and a high-speed drill boring a hole in the bone. The smell of glue, like fixing a bicycle-tube. Then a blow, hitting the hip into place with a mallet. An hour later I was back in the room.


The following day they had me walking on crutches. Half an hour daily on an electric leg-bender, eight days later home.


I had two hours therapy of 20 sessions: cycling, massage, threader - a team of slave drivers!


I am now walking without the stick, can lie on my hip and my back-problems are much less. I am cycling, dancing and intend to play tennis when the fine weather comes.



I strongly recommend a hip-replacement should be carried out while the muscles are in good shape. I am not sure about ”knees”, but maybe exercise, stretching, walking, swimming, cycling and dancing is supposed to be the best.


I am not as wise as the lawyer-guys, but strictly between us two:
I feel 10 years younger.


This is written with the sole purpose to convince somebody near to me. Did you hear or are you listening?


May God watch over ye all.