Make sure you know which side you are on. Noel Webster defines it: Success as a favourable or satisfactory outcome. I will define it in the 12 following points if you want to be on the winning-side:




1.               You have to start today


2.            Decisions: at least two of three have to be good. Spent some time studying the subject


3.           Direction: straight on, it’s shortest distance to destination


4.            Never under-estimate your opponent


5.            Risks have to be well calculated and should not be less than 50 %


6.           Fools walk in where wise men fear to thread


7.            If you make a mistake own up to it. Don’t put the blame on somebody else


8.            Set your sites on your goal. It’s important to know when you get there


9.            Work hard, play hard, laugh and the world laughs with you


10.   Pluck, Luck and Bluff, a good poker-player usually wins


11.          Motivation and determination is the key to success. You don’t have to walk over dead bodies


12.       All my brothers and sisters are winners. How about the next generation?




See you next time - God Bless