Last Monday in May is Memorial Day,


Remembrance Day - British Holiday in November,


Today June 7th is “Mother’s Day” in Luxembourg.


Bob Hope is a 100 years old today. A good name “Hope”!


Each day something reminds you of somebody, you usually feel sad, grieve, even to the brink of crying.


This is very normal, nothing wrong with that,
 providing it is not coupled with self-pity.


Then you think of something joyful and smile, even if it is something stupid you have done.
Laugh at your own mistakes.


Our re-unions often caused us to cry/laugh.
This is the best medicine, but few doctors subscribe it.


Now 1st look back and remember the dearest who have left us,
some away before their time
and of course the ones that reached a ripe old age.
Light a candle, say a prayer, visit a grave and drop a tear.

2nd pick-up the phone and say: “Hello”,
write an e-mail or letter, tomorrow maybe too late.


A close relation told me: 7 years a son pasted his mother’s house, never stopping. She died suddenly! He got a heart-attack.
You got the moral.


When Dad died, my brother Jack “R.I.P.” got sentimental and expressed a desire that the re-unions continue.


I think it is a grand idea and look forward to a big turn out 5th of July and it may be the last chance to shake a hand.






May God watch over ye all.


June 2003