On meeting one of my nieces, she told me she was over-stressed.


She explained why. During a round of golf with some of her cronies, they disagreed about a rule in respect of dropping a ball out of the rough. It got so heated up, she let out a swear word, refused to continue playing and left the course.


The above episode happened at 2 o’clock, so 4 hours had elapsed and she had not cooled down. I mentioned, I was a little disturbed myself, because a company owed me over a six-digit sum. Half a dozen relations were listening. It appeared, they were more sorry for her then me.


Stress is not easy to define, so I called some of my brothers and sisters.


1.      One answer was: I hate that bitch.


2.   An other was angry, because someone did not ring up


3.   The 3rd one was afraid of dying.


4.   The 4th complained of nobody visiting.


5.   The 5th was starving, never any food in the house.


I could easily go on: sick, lonesome, too cold, too windy etc. etc., but STRESS is directly related to health-problems.

I want ye all to change, starting immediately.
No more waiting for somebody to phone.
You call, prepare your small talk, and make up a story that you think they will like.


To give, without counting the cost. 


Knock and it shall be opened to you.


Cold shoulder and tongue could be a nice meal as well. You will be surprised self- inflicted stress will disappear along with 50 % per cent of aches and pains


Now you know the rest of the story.


See you next time - God Bless